In His Womb


In His Womb - You can't downsize your close up. -


the trees will speak
to no ears
the city engulfed me
unlikely warm
though in Winter I’ve come.
but here are arms
that’ve longed for me
and parts I laid to sleep
to dive into the bottom
of the whole.

I’m drowning in the undercurrent
to reemerge in seafoam.

- C

double diamond time

I still own myself.
In a world of theft, where Innocence is not a place you return to to rejuvenate, that’s as big a statement as there is. Even as I plunge down into the abyss’ black, I do not let go of what I am. There are lines that are drawn from the blueprint. Some things can be broken, but never sold.

- C

and not need more blood from the tip of your Star

from the safety of my greenerie
I read the World catching fire
the sky can no longer shelter The Dreams
I wanna scream:
'Madness! Madness!'
I’m detaching from the seams
of Sanity
I’m slipping into the Blackness
Mother Night, offer me a nest
where I can resume to Nothing
so that this skin is made senseless
so that these shoes are filled with absence
and this Existence, made weightless.
there is no point being a Spark
when The Matchsticks can’t ignite a Start.

- C


At night, the Trees speak louder.

- C

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A Hopeless AttemptCharlotte Martin (Stromata)

fiat lux

I turned the hours claiming resolve
through glass & smoke in veils of visions
to a question that was never asked
from words that never aligned in reason
a rhyme was sung back through the window
hailing from the first voices that spoke
waiting for me at the door of my room
a mirrored compass in the unfolded silk envelope

I’ve received your gift, now I must set you free

- C


in layers
of skin
from hands
their use
to touch
to ground
and knees
that bend
down seeds
the birth
of the tree
whose fruit
all truth

- C

1st Winter Rain

the Demon came
in human pod
covered in light.
I dreamed the names
to spit in salt
over the night.
once awake
I can’t stay bound
to the fright.
and so it rained
and the Birds came
to spear my flight.

- C

I say ‘the world is sick’. you say ‘tell me what that makes us, darling?’